Professional connector services

Professional Connector services are EDI services customized for all clients for all enterprise resource systems and they cover Edifact, XML, ANSI X12 and JSON data formats, sales and purchase invoices with their digitization as well as system integrations.

Professional Connector services in a nutshell

EDI (Edifact/XML) data interchange

We offer an easily scalable and extensive total solution for interchange of order - delivery chain EDI messages between our client and their coo-peration and business partners. We will build a customized system interface for our client.

Specialist in many different branches

We have decades of know-how from many different branches, such as imports, technical wholesale and transport logistics.

Data interchange of the Customs Office

An EDI service operator authorised by the Finnish Customs Office, including declaration messages to various systems of the Customs Office, Web Service interface to the Customs Office and continuous monitoring of exchange messages.

Sales and purchase invoice services

Total solutions for invoicing, including transmitting and receiving electronic invoices/email and printed invoices (sales invoices), as well as receiving electronic invoices and digitizing and interpreting printed invoices/attachment invoices from emails (purchase invoices).

System integrations

We will adapt the client’s ERP system to their partners’ systems, check the necessary data contents, processing rules and take care of the correctness and integrity of the material.

Consultation services for e-commerce

We can also offer special consultation for reviewing the total condition of readiness for electronic data interchange.

Professional Connector services include

  • customized system interface into the client’s application
  • checking of syntax (message interchange identifiers, integrity of transmission)
  • validation of data according to the data connection type as well as automatic error messages about syntax and validation errors
  • format conversion from the software company’s system interface to the format agreed with the partner
  • assigning product and party identifiers
  • automatic routing to business and co-operation partner (recipient)
  • delivery of an interchange to the recipient in converted format
  • handling of acknowledgements from the application interface of the business and co-operation partner
  • monitoring of data communication and user support
  • maintenance.

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