Standard connector services

Standard Connector services are standardized EDI services for SME clients of software companies, covering Edifact, XML, ANSI X12 and JSON data formats, sales and purchase invoices with their digitization as well as system integrations.

Standard Connector EDI services are standardized services for software companies’ client companies

Trade Connector’s Standard Connector service highlights the excellent co-operation with software providers and system vendors for the benefit of the client. Electronic data interchange integrated to the fixed format of the software provider is in Standard Connector services a ready part of the software package. This allows a faster and less expensive commissioning of the service for e.g. suppliers of retail chain purchasing centres.

The message range of Standard Connector services is adapted to the message capacity of each application, generally receiving of sales orders, sending of delivery confirmations and missives as well as sending of sales invoices. They contain the same basic functions as the Professional Connector EDI services customized for all clients for all enterprise resource planning systems.

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As our client you get
  • access to our innovative EDI services for the order and delivery chain of electronic commerce
  • easy and fast commissioning of EDI messaging
  • customer-oriented service with short response time
  • local service in both Finnish and English
  • effective and predictable costs
  • monitored message translation and transmission
  • message tracking service
  • our class-leading expertise – we have a total of nearly 70 years of experience with electronic data interchange.

Standard Connector services include

  • a fixed format system interface into the application of the software company
  • checking of syntax (message interchange identifiers, integrity of transmission)
  • validation of data according to the data connection type as well as automatic error messages about syntax/validation errors
  • format conversion from the software company’s system interface to the format agreed with the partner
  • application-specific allocation of product and party IDs
  • automatic routing to the business partner (recipient)
  • delivery of interchange to the recipient in converted format
  • processing of acknowledgement from the application interface of the business partner
  • monitoring of data communication and user support
  • maintenance.

We will help your company succeed – now and in the future.

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